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Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

In the tenth episode of the second season of Ted Lasso, "No Weddings and a Funeral", the main character prepares to give a eulogy but instead breaks out into leading the attendees in singing "Never Gonna Give You Up", effectively rickrolling the attendees and the audience.[42]Greta Thunberg rickrolled her followers on April Fools' Day 2021 by posting a link to "a climate-related video" which linked to Astley's music video.[43] She followed this on 16 October 2021 at the Climate Live concert in Stockholm by saying, during a speech with important messages on climate action, "We're no strangers to love ... You know the rules and so do I", followed by singing the song and dancing to it, to great applause; Astley tweeted his thanks.[44]

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

In November 2008, Astley was nominated for "Best Act Ever" at the MTV Europe Music Awards after the online nomination form was flooded with votes.[47] The push to make Astley the winner of the award, as well as efforts to encourage MTV to personally invite Astley to the awards ceremony, continued after the announcement.[48] On 10 October, Astley's website confirmed that an invitation to the awards had been received. On 6 November 2008, just hours before the ceremony was due to air, it was reported that MTV Europe did not want to give Astley the award at the ceremony, instead of wanting to present it at a later date. Many fans who voted for Astley felt the awards ceremony failed to acknowledge him as a legitimate artist. Astley stated in an interview that he felt the award was "daft", but noted that he thought that "MTV were thoroughly rickrolled", and went on to thank everyone who voted for him.[49]In 2009, Astley wrote about 4chan founder moot for Time magazine's annual Time 100 issue, thanking moot for the rickrolling phenomenon.[50]

Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep with congratulations to Rick Astley. His '80s hit, "Never Going To Give You Up," has passed 1 billion views on YouTube, many of them involuntary. Rick-rolling, for those who don't yet know, is when you prank people by sending them a link to that song, disguised as something else. Now, you may think this is an old, old joke, but we're never going to give it up. 041b061a72

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