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Bolognia Dermatology 3rd Edition Pdfl

Reviewer: Patricia Wong, MD (Private Practice) Description: Going beyond just a handy clinical and visual diagnostic guide for dermatology, this book includes excellent clinical photographs of all of the diseases, accompanied by expert discussion including valuable diagnostic tips. Wonderful differential diagnostic tables with accompanying photos and clues demonstrate how to distinguish among the different possibilities.Purpose: The purpose is to provide a quick reference for clinical dermatologists.Audience: The audience is dermatologists.Features: Information is organized in several ways: anatomical regions of dermatitis and their differential diagnosis, pattern recognition (vascular, papular, psoriasiform, etc.), and by etiology (infection, autoimmune, tumor, etc.). The volume of useful information packed into this paperback is amazing. The color photographs are of excellent quality. The tables of treatment options and differential diagnosis are terrific. I love the chapters on vasculitis and how to evaluate purpura.Assessment: This joins the ranks of other excellent clinical dermatology handbooks such as Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment, 3rd edition, Habif et al.(Elsevier, 2011) and Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Dermatology, 7th edition, Wolff et al. (McGraw-Hill, 2013). This handbook is more heavily weighted with in-depth discussions of pathophysiology and diagnosis. It is a bargain at $70.

Bolognia Dermatology 3rd Edition Pdfl

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