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How to Use Universal Termsrv.dll Patch to Increase RDP Performance on Windows 7

How to Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions on Windows 7 with Universal Termsrv.dll Patch

Do you want to access your Windows 7 computer from multiple devices at the same time? Do you want to share your desktop with other users without logging off or disconnecting them? If yes, then you need to enable concurrent remote desktop sessions on your Windows 7 system.

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By default, Windows 7 only allows one remote desktop connection at a time. If another user tries to connect to your computer remotely, they will either get an error message or kick out the existing user. This is because Windows 7 uses a file called termsrv.dll to limit the number of remote desktop sessions.

In this article, we will show you how to patch termsrv.dll on Windows 7 64-bit with a tool called universal termsrv.dll patch. This tool will modify termsrv.dll to allow multiple remote desktop connections simultaneously. We will also show you how to configure remote desktop settings on Windows 7 and how to connect to multiple remote desktop sessions from different devices.


What is termsrv.dll?

Termsrv.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that is part of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) component of Windows. It is responsible for managing remote desktop connections and sessions. It also handles authentication, encryption, compression, and other functions related to remote desktop.

What is universal termsrv.dll patch?

Universal termsrv.dll patch is a TCP/IP patch specifically designed for executable DLL files. It was created by a developer named Deepx dcd2dc6462

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